Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The best bus in the world is...

The best bus service in the world! Reduces joshi's bus trip from home to UQ by a massive 30 minutes! Yes... from an original 10 minute walk to GC, 20 minute bus to the city, 10 minute walk and wait for the 407/412, and then another 20-25 minutes to get to the wrong side of uni, and then walking 5 minutes to the architecture building... Joshi now walks 10 minutes to GC, hops on the awesome 169 (at about 9 - 9:30 with a relatively empty bus) and 18 minutes later, he is about a 2 minute walk away from the architecture building :D

Uni is pretty normal again i guess, except heaps of newbies that i know hahaha... We're already getting assignments! The one we got today is pretty cool... we have to renovate an existing building into an 'ecohome' or an eco-friendly home. Yesterday's lecture was interesting too... about greek and roman architecture. Its really awesome looking at the ancient buildings and deciphering the ideologies and thoughts behind their masterpieces.

Other than that... really tired and stuffed from working 6 full days last week. FiGS was awesome though... first time we had such a full on program... and it was great! Hopefully we can continue on this platform we have begun to build, and really have fun while learning heaps. Also... so much stuff happening lately! Mum went to melb for the past 2 weeks cos of my cousin's wedding! First one from mum's side i think. Last year, we went to malaysia for the first wedding from my generation in the whole family (both mum and dad's side). Now 2 weddings have taken place... both my fav. cousins from each side :P and another wedding in the next month down in melb... and then one (or two... waiting for news... lol) at the end of the year!

What else has happened...? hmmm... last sunday was first soccer game with all the youth around bris. It was really awesome, even though a few randoms rocked up. Badminton is getting a little boring lately... thought i mite still play in the next comp. Hopefully more people and better people will come on fridays and sundays so I can have a good hit out!

Well.. that's all from me... busy busy me :) might take a nap now hehe (look at the time i posted :P)


Shmeep said...

Bus 169?...Man, you know what's sad, when I saw "169", I thought "that's a square number"... -__-;;

Newbies, pffft. It's not like you're such a uni veteran :P Be nice!

Those assignments sound interesting. A lot more interesting than those horrible english ones we're getting.

Yeah, FiGS had soooo many people. I was like O____O. Weddings are freakeh too...the first cousin of my generation's getting married next month as well XD

GET YOUR BUTT BACK TO BADMINTON. zzzz. Stuff soccer >_>;;

JaYe said...

I've said it again and again, but I don't think you've quite caught on.

Josh can you design our house for us? :)

Since you're learning about eco-friendly homes, why not build one for us?