Saturday, March 10, 2007

Do you know how it feels?

Do you know how it feels
To live life every day
Waiting to be noticed
In any particular way

Do you know how it feels
When you are all alone
No one to see or listen to
Or talk to on the phone

Do you know how it feels
To wake up to the bright sun
An exciting day ahead of you
Instead at the end, the day is none

How would you really feel
If your loved ones turned you away
They were your only refuge
The reason you chose to stay

Why do people live every day
Treating others as if all were the same
When everyone carries heavy burdens
Our suffering, hurt and pain.

1 comment:

Shmeep said...

Wow...did you write this? Nice poetry...

Um. I'll talk to you on msn. *twitch* and yeah >___>;;