Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Norm kicks in again...

Well... after a massive summer holiday... it looks like the norm has kicked in again for 2007. Work has been a real eye opener about how to manage time more efficiently... and I'm probably gonna learn more about that with work + uni combination, and also missing parent(s) for at least 6 weeks this first semester! Been awesome catching up with my best buddy for the past week or so... but now, uni is around the corner and we are really into 2007!

Anyways... have a few funny work stories... (from a computer shop)

1. Customer calls in: "do you guys actually sell computer parts!?!?"

2. Customer calls in: "do you have any 5.25 inch floppy disc drivse for sale?"

3. Customer brings in system that 'overheated'. After technician analyses the system... he finds a piece of plastic melted on the CPU (plastic was part of packaging and customer did not remove it...)

4. Customer asks if CD rom drive can be used as a cup holder.

1 comment:

Shmeep said...

Omg lol CUP HOLDER. That's a rather...innovative idea, actually XD

Yay for time management. Didn't you ever learn that in year 12 -___-