Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Seasonal Change

Isn't it so nice and cool now that it's Autumn! The summer weather has finally disappearred and now we can look forward to cooler, cloudier, and more enjoyable days! Coming with this seasonal change is finally a real sense of change in my life. I feel at home in uni, and i have comfortably eased myself into this new life and all the suprises it offers. With uni comes more work and time management needed, and this is definately something new to me. I used to wake up at 8 40 to get to school at 8 55, but now i have to wake up at 6 30 to get to uni at 9am for a lecture! I get home from uni at about 5-6, and then it's dinner and ideally heading to the books, compared to getting home at 3 10 and bumming til sleep time! I guess i can't afford to bum around on msn that much anymore, since life is becoming ever so busy. Badminton time has grown from 2hrs a week to 7-10 hours or so a week.

Its just a pity to see time pass so fast, not being able to really enjoy and reflect on everything you've done or seen. Time is independant. Its one of the only things left that Man has not and will never have control of. Time is limited. Everyone has a birth and a death. Everyone will one day face the crossroads between heaven and hell. If everyone in the world just remembered this, they would put more thought into what they do with the time they have left.

As the wise Gandalf put it: "The only thing we have to decide is what to do with the time given to you."

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