Monday, March 13, 2006

Back to normal~

yes i am all good again... cept i have my first assignment due in 13hrs and 4 minutes?!?! panic time! anyway since my friend wants me to chuck my poems up.... i shall start with this one:

Time goes past day by day
And the feeling slowly disappears.
The love that I thought would last
For ten thousand years.

As the wind whistles by
And the hot breeze moves though.
My mind is silent and still
I suddenly think of you.

Your smile, your laugh, your presence
Fills my lonely, desolate soul.
The uncertain love of mine
Is once again made whole.

As the seconds pass and the minutes waste away
I feel we are gradually drifting apart.
But even if we are separated by life and death
You will always be in my heart.

p.s. You may realise i always write poems to do with romance... i have other ones but these ones always seem a bit better for some reason~

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