Tuesday, April 04, 2006

stairs, doors, toilets, tables, columns, ceilings... zzz...

Been on autocad for the past 3 hours redesigning my office space assignment for the fourth and hopefully final time! Just realised how much time it takes to make a really really good plan or design. Sometimes you have to edit small things, change big things, start again from scratch, make the illegal or unfunctionable things right, and so forth and so forth, and THEN make it look nice and cool. I think I go the other way round... start with something really good, but when all the other stuff hits me, my design just gets crap and crapper. But I've seen some really good ideas and designs over the past five weeks after being saturated with pictures for 7 hours every week in my lectures and tutorials! We had lectures on space, form and shape, and me and my friend counted the number of times the lecturer said the words space, form or shape. We calculated that she said the word space at a rate of once a minute for two hours :P Last thursday we went to kangaroo point to draw up some pavilions. On the way we stopped at riverside and checked out the buildings there. The buildings are so new and modern and stylish! I recommend checking it out!!! nice nice buildings hehe.

Played badminton 4 times (yes... 4 times) this week >____< . Finally got my smash touch back hehe. Me and Elaine played 3 crazy games on sunday at griffith ><. One of them included a 40 shot rally full of smashes, dives, and crazy net shots! Badminton is soooo fun!

Anyhoo, gots stupid asignment to finish
talk to u all on msn :P


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