Monday, July 18, 2005

Random stuff...

I finished reading harry potter 6 yesterday... its quite an awesome book! JK Rowling must be such a great writer... everything just flows so well, and she only gives away what she needs to, and does not spoil any ending. Because of this excessive reading, my neck is so sore that its not funny.
This morning, i had the first assessment of the term... stupid graph sketching exam for maths b. Its so ridiculous, and we werent allowed calculators!!! My key to getting good marks... my CASIO!!!! anyway, i did pretty good i think, had to scribble in the graph in about 3 seconds because i wasted about 5 minutes staring at my answer until it finally clicked.
Im getting an award at assembly this wednesday! my first academic that i've got in 4 years. I reckon i should've got one each year, but i seem to slack off a lot in the first semester. At least now i know where i stand op and rank wise. need to improve a bit to get that elusive op2 :(. sigh more work... better get going.


JaYe said...

You know I've often pondered about writing an autobiography myself once day, just for the fun of it and to test out my english comprehension, or lackthereof.

Selena said...

congrats on the award

Yes, really like Harry Potter 6, can't wait till the 7th and last.

Who wants to see the next HP movie when it comes out?

karenangela_007 said...

i love the harry potter series but too bad i havent read the last one yet...........i was just wondering, how do you asses the book? i would just like to know your point of view bout it...hehehe=) even though you've already given some...but if you please id like to know bout more...please and thank you!=)