Thursday, July 07, 2005

OK... But maybe not...

I'm becoming sick and tired, seeing and experiencing people saying or putting themselves into something, but not following it through. I don't know if its just me, but people seem to do that involuntarily, not even thinking about the responsibility they have put themselves into when they made the initial agreement.
The first time i experienced this was when some friends at school decided to start a band for the multicultural assembly. When i asked them all, they agreed to join, and initially agreed on the song. The first few practices were muck around, and when we were supposed to get serious (4 weeks before the assembly and 1 week before auditions) they all dropped out because they didnt like the song and they didnt want to get so serious.
The more recent one really is a debate about priorities. But just let me say this: I have been part of the Worship team for more than 18 months, and in those 18 months i have always been reminded that i chose to be part of the team. Being in the team there are some rights and responsibilities. I don't ask for many days to be rostered, but i seem to be on the front every sunday because i'm probably filling in for people, and the roster for me is pretty hectic. That's a responsibility i have to do, unless i am prevented to do it i.e. im sick or out of town.
Some people don't recognise what responsibility is, until it hits them in the face. I'm only asking for people to remind themselves of the things they put themselves into, and either carry them out, or provide sufficient reasoning to prove they can't do it.

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