Friday, July 01, 2005

Christening of "Hebe"

Thursday 30th June 6:26pm: We have the christening of the new member of the Josh Tan family... the magnificent Yamaha Guitar... and the KORG tuner!
First the fresh-smelling guitar was taken out of the bag by joshi. Joshi and pRoXi marvelled at that beautiful looking guitar for a whole minute or two. Then the trial runs by joshi and pRoXi.
First song played by josh tan and pRoXi: Romance. Verdict: Absolutely beautiful!
Second trial song: Everyday. Verdict: too good!
for the tuner christening... Joshi held the plastic bag while pRoXi pulled the tuner out (of its former life of sin and darkness, doing nothing in the box :P).
Trial run of the KORG tuner: works great!
The guitar is now called Hebe, because shes one of my fav. singers (shes asian btw) and i don't know, i just felt like calling the guitar Hebe :P. She's also the Goddess of youth or somethingorother, (and i'm trying to find a way to link that to my guitar).... ANYWAY.... you get the point :P
love love love this guitar!!!!


JaYe said...

Cool, now I have my wedding entertainment...mwahaha Final things to make it complete, is for Josh to dress up in a clown suit and E in a bear suit...


Anonymous said...

Hebe??? WAT THE!