Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Josh's house ideas (very biased)

For graphics... we have to design a house... heres just some of my whacky yet funny ideas

  • swimming pool with dive board "Ben Kennedy Dive Board" (for those who don't know, Ben Kennedy is a NSW rugby player who 'dived' or faked an injury in the stae of origin)
  • Wally Lewis Statue (its going to be 'borrowed' from suncorp stadium :P... note the ' ' )
  • blue carpet (walk all over the blues)
  • Maroon roof (maroons on top)
  • Bradd Fitler toilets (special toilets which carry the name of one of the most hated NSW players)
  • a lift (for comfort and ease)
  • a walkalator (to get from the front of the house to the back of the house without any hassle)
  • 3.5 metre tv with 9.1 home theatre system
  • swimming pool has retractable depth system ( i think i invented it..... unless someone has already patented it... so i guess i wont say more unless you ask me :P)

yes.... very interesting house.... it will be finished in 1 week :P


JaYe said...

yeah, in-house movie theatre!

Although I haven't seen you mentioning anything related to S-O-C-C-E-R in that description.

Maybe a Ronaldo practice net in the lounge room?

Anonymous said...

yeah wheres the freekick practice area?