Saturday, April 29, 2006


Today, one of my close friends and kinda mentory guy is getting married. With seeing them doing all their wedding planning, and all the other things involved with the wedding, I just have to ask myself... What is the purpose of a wedding? says a wedding is a process of uniting or joining together. But is that all? I think wedding is kind of like a baptism. It is a public declaration to God and the World that these two certain people are joining together to form one united body. Marriage is God's idea, not mans. It is yet another custom that has been taken from early christian tradition into secular society. Marriage is also the idea God gave to us, to demonstrate Jesus and the Church. As woman was separated from man at creation, Jesus and the Church were also separated. But Jesus loved the church so much... He even died for the church because he loved the church so much. Similar to a man who would die for the girl they love. As man and wife unite in marriage, at the end of time Jesus will be united with the Church, those who believe Jesus came and died and rose again will be made righteous with God. Love is not a just a feeling or man-made idea. It existed before the realms of time. God's love does not end in heartbreak or disappointment. God's love is perfect. Those who have witnessed God's true Love are blessed by the creator above.

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