Monday, April 17, 2006


After 7 gruelling, packed, and predominantly bludging weeks of uni, we finally get a decent break! But then again, all the things planned this holidays, combined with assignments... it doesn't sound like many uni people will get a decent rest.

These holidays have been particularly good so far cos i've met up with quite a few people who have gone interstate (Melbourne, Sydney, etc.) and come back for the break. Also met up with my high school buddies on saturday for badminton (was supposed to have lunch & dinner with them, but had other things planned... DFO.... omg boringest place in brisbane). Had a huge church lunch at plaza with all the youth which was pretty fun too^^ and played badminton with the antioch guys which is always fun.

On a completely unrelated topic, i just found out that the Australian International Badminton comp (equivalent to Aus Open tennis) is being held in chandler this september! anyone want to come!?!? watch the malaysian superstars!!! Apparently there's an U19 comp that coincides with it ! I want to join hehe :P

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