Saturday, December 31, 2005


I hate Death.
It's dark, cruel, horrible.
It's not right. Its not the norm.
But it exists...

It must be painful waiting for death to overcome you, lieing there in a hospital ward...
It seems crazy to be alive, when death is at your doorstep, and nothing you can do will stop it.
It's just torture to watch you there, when I know that any second, you will be gone, and all the power in the world cannot stop this.
Every second to me seems like nothing, but to you, its another second to be with us, to be alive on this world.
Every breath i take, drink i drink, and food i eat, seems like nothing to me, but to you, it is a luxury.
Every time you look through your eyes, everything seems picturesque, even the run down houses and messed up streets is like a masterpiece.
Even the smell of the sewers is like a fragrant perfume.

I can't even comprehend what it feels like to be in this situation. I hate death. God has claimed victory over death. Yet physical death is still so painful. God tells us to live every moment on earth for him. Live life and take all the opportunities God gives you, as if it is your last. Only then, will physical death be something much easier to face.

But still... death is horrible. Waiting for it makes you feel helpless. I wish there was no death...

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