Friday, December 16, 2005

Life Changing Moments

Crap. Crap. Crap! Tomorrow is D-day for all grade 12'ers since our OP comes out. For me, its gonna be when all this really hits me. I've finished school. I've graduated from grade 12. I'm entering the 'real world'. I'm gonna be an architect. Still, finishing school hasn't sunk in. I still feel like formal was a night or two ago, and i haven't really graduated yet. Now my hopes are pinned on that enter button, when i enter the qsa website. No doubt many lcd screens are going to be broken. Computer repair companies are going to have a field day. but i still have 24 hours to gear up for that :)

Just thinking about moments that have changed my life so far:
  • my first visit to malaysia (1998)
  • my trip to the USA(2000)
  • graduating primary school (2000)
  • getting top .03% in queensland in maths comp. and winning maths team challenge (2000)
  • joining FIGS (2002)
  • my Baptism (2004)
  • Finishing High School (2005)
  • PB badminton comp. record 5 win - 1 loss (2005)

Other Moments people will remember for the rest of their lives (feel free to add)

  • Finishing UNI
  • first date
  • wedding
  • 21st birthday
  • day you get your pension/superannuation

1 comment:

cherrie. said...

the day u have children!!
and then the day u become a grandparent!!!
even the day ur child goes on their first date!!! AWWW!!!! lol....and the day u buy ur first house or move out..
the day u get ur very own car!!

i think u get the