Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Selamat Datang!!!

Yayzz malaysia is awesome hehehe!!! It's about 30 degrees here every day with aircon everywhere i go (for those melting in brissy) and everything here is cheap as! Today i bought a KFC meal (like a 2 piece feed) for 8 ringitt... which is less than 3 bucks AU!!! Satays are 15 cents AU each... which is like dirt cheap.... but it tastes brilliant!! Shopping is good here, and all my reles are here, which is pretty cool. The only thing that makes malaysia crap is its physical shape. It looks like a dull place, and at some places it stinks real bad. But really, malaysia is a nice place, its got beautiful rainforests, modern technology, and everything is like 3 times cheaper than australia! one day malaysia will become the asian capital muahahahaha.

me = going to KL on saturday (yayyy). Looking forward to going to the biggest shopping centre in south east asia :) hope i have cash left lol... guess i have to beg for more from my parents. Did you know that malaysia has 5 main languages... its crazy! Theres malay, mandarin, cantonese, english, and hakka. Its amazing how people can just interchange between all 5 languages so easily here! oh well... back in Aus next wednesday... and offers come out next thursday at 1am sigh... At least i know i should be getting architecture! then 5 more years of slavery sigh...

anyway.. malaysia awaits me :)


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