Tuesday, December 20, 2005


HEY i got OP 2 weeeeeeeee!! and I aced QCS weeeeeeeeee!! This is one of the best suprises life has given me, I'm just making the most of it hehe. When i found out i got op2 i refreshed the screen to see if it was for real... then i hit refresh a couple more times... and then i ran around the house a few times and woke up my parents! They were stoked! I felt awesome! weeeeeeee. Also, going to Malaysia for Xmas! Looking forward to the biggest family gathering of my life :D Going to meet all my cousins again and bum around, and it will be different this time, cos now i'm much older and i can mix in much better. I can't wait to dig into the satays, Chao Kwe Taos, Roti Chanai, Laksa, Nasi lamak, Nasi goreng, Curry, Ice Kachang, Coconut, Durian, Fried bananas, grass jelly, ice lemon teas, great seafood, awesome 100% italian restaurant in the middle of KK, and tonnes of other food..... *droools*

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