Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Show offs....

If you just got a bad mark for an exam and you feel pretty bad, do you want one of your 'friends' to rub it in? I don't think so. I have a very short tolerance levels for show offs... but when someone is feeling really upset, i don't think its a very appropriate time for people to boast. I just got a really bad mark (to me anyway...). This guy who did beat me by one rung decided to rub it in. He's always like that and i'm normally used to him boasting and showing off to people, but i was really upset, and so were a few others. I don't think him saying 'i did absolutely nothing and beat all of you's! Waa i'm so good'. If i was the teacher and i heard that, i would put his mark down like straight away. Things like that are uncalled for.

At least my marks overall are very consistant and alrite, so i can come back up again next term. Next term, i'm gonna study so hard, going to prove to everyone i am the real deal. Bye bye computer but i shall make up for a term of hibernation for you.



Anonymous said...

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JaYe said...

This is not a spam message :)

I gave up long ago on getting an OP1 in Year 12. I didn't stand a chance, and probably the one of the only few Asians around who didn't get a 1 but I didn't care.

I take the view that as long as I pass, try my best and get into a degree of some sort or find a suitable related job I'm happy.

Anonymous said...

This is not a spam message either lol

1. There's always next time. I dunno if this is good, but use your frustration to fuel your determination to do better next time... it nearly always works for me
2. nobody cares about OP once you get into your course
3. Sometimes when we're happy with exam results wateva we can be insensitive. So don't hold a grudge...
3. Remember everything counts as loss in comparison to knowing Christ Jesus :D