Sunday, September 25, 2005

The Run Home...

Ahhh 39 days before my fantastic high school career ends. The run home isn't going to be pretty..... sitting on HA10 for chemistry and 1 complex off HA10 in maths B. Planning to prove my Maths C teacher wrong and that i can move from HA6 to VHA1.... either way i'm gonna improve from the HA6, so thats good. Formal coming up..... day after block week. I better get my act together and seriously ask someone soon... or i'm gonna be partnerless... which could suck. This term is going to be so fast and crazy..... but lucky for me there is no physics or english work to do because we only have 1 assignment in those subjects.. and graphics is a bludge as usual.... so maths b maths c and chemistry to study for now!
I decided not to go to Malaysia anymore since we aren't going to KL, and theres not much point of me wasting 2 grand just to see my cousin's wedding. I'd way rather save that for my beloved mazda 3 or equivalent :) so im gonna have an awesome 3 month break at home.... hopefully i can go to the coast with my friends loads and bum around, that will be awesome.

Ahhh all these happy thoughts of 3 month break!!! better focus on school work first. back to this stupid relativity thing..... c ya

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