Thursday, September 01, 2005


I feel so awesome now! no more exam pressure. No more qcs headaches. Resigned to getting a really crap OP. Time to burn organising figs camp and just chilling around! How awesome can life get. I've finally found some confidence in organising figs camp, thanks to some awesome people who are continuously poking me towards the right path. I've learnt loads ever since i took up this role.

Today i was running around sunnybank plaza, wrecking havoc as per my usual self. All these oldies looking at us thinking we are truanting lunatics when actually we just finished maths b exam, which incidentally was quite a good exam for me :). All the stuff i wrote in my english column about stereotyping teenagers were quite evident today.

Has anyone realised that Willy Wonka has EXCESSIVE make up, as with the rest of the cast of that movie. Johnny Depp looks like a woman playing Mr. Wonka, its really scary and alarming (not that i care). oh well... time to burn, so awesome!


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