Monday, September 12, 2005

Fantabulastic FIGS Camp

After 9 months of ideas, 2 months of organising, and 3 weeks of crazy email conversations, figs camp has finally come and gone. All the time and effort has finally seen the end product, even though the long term results can never be truly seen. Its been a great learning experience for me, ever since i took this 'crazy' move by volunteering for the job. I think i was probably the least equiped with time, experience, and leadership skills, but i feel that i was spiritually led through the whole thing. in the month prior to the camp, i have racked up more than 100 emails concerning the camp, and its been at times frustrating that I could not convey my message clearly with everyone else. However, one person who was specially placed by God to help me with this task, gave me some good advice: put your foot down! I was also encouraged immensely by the leadership group, and i am happy they withstood all my emails going around without going crazy at me. Some people would plainly verbally encourage me, but others would give me an awesome smile or funny face, which really lifts me. BLT was great. It didn't really take much time and energy out of me, but it gave me an insight into God's growing leadership group (i was the youngest...) but that just made me try even harder, pray even more, and i knew that God would work through me. QCS was a relief. I probably didn't do very good, but it didn't take much time or energy. The big beast that blocked me from FIGS camp was the Block Exam Boogey man. I probably did the whole term's work each night before the exam, and i probably deserved my B for Chemistry and C for Maths c, but i think a bit of heavenly intervention and my knack of failing my first exams and acing the rest helped me to top physics and maths b (like top top of the grade :P). That took away a whole term's worth of energy, but i was blessed by God's provisions for me. Every day after each exam i would g to my computer and do all my FIGS stuff. That week was crazy because i was running around with the rego forms (because no one in the chinese church gave them to me until the due date). After that, time flied to FIGS camp. The first night was an hour of wasted time waiting for the chinese church (who are unbelievably slow) to come and give us the room allocation. i was kept up til 1am because some inconsiderate people kept on talking about crap (especially when they warned me about not keeping them up, which i didn't do purposely last year after i got hit by a hammer and a screwdriver in the dark). Saturday morning was beautiful. Everything went planned except that we did not have a keyboard (I told someone to bring one... but i guess others thought otherwise). The baptisms were very teary for me. One of my closest and best friend was baptised, and his compulsive gambling girlfriend. They told me it was cold in the pool, so i jumped in later, and it was nice as. When we were playing soccer, it was one highlight of funnynes in the camp. No, it was not my beautiful goal, but I crossed to jeff... he jumped, the ball went waist high, and to say the least... it hurt. Me and him went down the simultaneously, i was laughing and he was in eternal pain. The night game was pretty funny, but you can hear carson's funny balderdash descriptions next time. That night was crap though. I slept at 12 while the rest were playing cards til 2am. E came in at about 3am. No one closed the door, and i was looking straight into it when i woke up at about 4am. I couldn't sleep after that... Sunday was great though. Mark wrapped out an awesome and eye opening bible study into revelations, and even gave some of us a rendition of QUEEN. We wrapped up with some topical discussions on evolution and drugs/smoking/gambling. Lunch was good ( i only had 1 serving of each meal thank you very much). The way home had breathtaking views from mapleton down to maleny. Thanks to everyone who went to FIGS camp, and big thanks to Mark and the other leaders. FIGS CAMP 2005 VERDICT: ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!


JaYe said...

Quote joshi-

"One of my closest and best friend was baptised, and his compulsive gambling girlfriend"

hmmmm is there something I need to know :D :D

btw Jeff if you're reading this, did you get my message on Saturday?

joshi.t~ said...

they played poker til 12 30 on friday night and 2am on saturday night/sunday morning, Fang with about 3/4 of the guys. I was happily sleeping or trying to sleep like the good boy i am :)

Selena said...

haha, maybe we should have topicals next year about....gambling :-P

Great job Josh, my able successor. I no longer have to stress about camp each year anymore :-D

Oh, and I think Carson's balderdash definitions may be blocked by netnanny.

Anonymous said...

Yes I did jaye :)... i was meant to thank you but i forgot :D its great to have ppl there for you :D THANK YOU!
lol you're probably going to read this like... after double the time it took me to read this hahaha but yes thank you