Sunday, June 12, 2005

Time pasts... circumstances change... people change..

I have had the worst weekend of my life. Here's a bit of what happened:
On friday night i made a big scratch on my lcd screen. I totally forgot it was there and i accidentally whacked a power plug into it. I also kicked my foot 3 times, which makes it severely demented.
On saturday morning I was in a rush and accidentally ran through a pedestrian crossing. Luckily no-one was going through because i cannot remember much of it except there was someone that 'might have' crossed. I also got a stomach bug from uncooked meat.... which kicked in at FIGS, which was not too nice. During/after figs, i was reminded about some 'personal' issues, which was not pleasant to be thinking about them anymore. By that time I was already half dead, so i think i didn't really notice that until i was about to go to bed.
Today, some of the stomach bug was still apparent. I was really nervous when I was at church, because i had to talk in front of the audience for the first time. But i was able to clear my mind a bit, and refresh myself physically and mentally, which is pretty good. FIGS meeting went alright. It was a bit long, and not as productive as i expected, but then again... i expect too much from myself and others sometimes. At least we were able to put some things in stone, and sort out other things.
I don't know, but i think i have changed a lot. I'm not used to be being so careless and absent minded. I don't know what brought it about... but i hope i can rectify this change....


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