Tuesday, June 07, 2005

I just screwed my future

I just stuffed up my exams so badly. I think i stuffed up every exam, except for maths C ( i can't believe i got a better mark in maths c than in maths b!). OP for pharmacy = 0%. OP for Archi = 20%. destined for engineering or science... SIGH! well i guess i could think about theological college or something :P Anyway decided to make next term even more crazy by volunteering to be figs coordinator. Have to organise figs camp! God help me PLEASEEE. ahh well. better go get some sleep.


JaYe said...

There's no need to despair.

As long as you get into a course (be it engineering or science) and do it for 6 months to a year, you can easily upgrade/change to your desired course. btw, what are your intentions for next year?

For some bizzare reason when I was finishing 1st year business, I decided I wanted to do a B.Arts Media Studies instead and so applied. QTAC actually offered me the course!

Luckily I changed my mind back and decided to stick with business, and I'm glad I did.

Besides, God won't give you anything He knows you can't handle :D

joshi.t~ said...

this is my prospective preference list:
1. Pharmacy
2. Architecture
3. Engineering
4. Science
5. [something ridiculously low]
6. Medicine

looks good aye!