Wednesday, June 22, 2005

A Guy's Life

I've been looking around and keeping tabs on some guys who are younger than me, and now i think i can safely and surely picture a normal teen's life.

Year 1 - 5: Carefree, into all those kiddie stuff, starting to think about girls, realising what the internet is, joshi's perspective: a pain in the butt
Year 6-7: Study becomes a higher priority, still into the kiddie stuff, definately into girls, becoming addicted to computer games, too much red cordial, when in year 7 they think they are all that, and are on top of the world. joshi's perspective: luckily they dont worry much about life then...
Year 8-9: They realise that they arent the best, and are brought back down to earth, they start to realise life and its complexity (at times) and begin to worry about stuff, girls become a big issue for some (it's a killer, seen it so many times :P), They see refuge from their problems, mostly by playing computer games (this is not the sole reason why we play computer games ok!), School is so easy it goes off track Joshi's Perspective: I think this period and the next period are the most important in a guy's life. It shows them how they perceive life, their attitude towards life and how they respond to their problems. I was on a low during this period because of major friendship issues, and luckily i took an invitation to FIGS. that changed my life forever....
Year 10- mid 11: I swear, so many guys i see this age are infatuated with materialistic stuff. All i see in msn pictures are Boa Kwon (a really cute korean singer... she was a good singer until she released the stupidest songs ive heard), and other asian and western celebrities. They start to worry about their future, and this period is probably the decision making period. Will they pursue this or will they pursue that? Joshi's perspective: this was kind of a decision making period for me, or probably acting on decisions i have previously made (which i would put in the next period). I was baptised in this period, and i think i made that decision(that i would get baptised) in year 6 or 7, but never followed through until then. When i was young, i wanted to beocme an architect, and i began to follow through that ambition. Oh i forgot to talk about girls :P, lets just say i wasnt greatly affected, im sane and thats good :P
Year 12: I think that its hard for people to change things that they have already concreted in their life, and this is probably a hard bit in grade 12. People realise they can't fulfil some of their goals, so they try to find a way out, which is pretty hard at that stage. Issues they have previously gone through become ways of life, and they are able to deal with it better at this stage. This is a year of studying and showing who you really are. Joshi's perspective: not much more to add, except this is the year guys show their true selves, may it be in subtle ways or in full form. I have seen it around me, friends changing into people i never knew. This is where i think i will separate my true friends from just my everyday friends; the people whom i will spend my uni and work days with.

Anyway, that is what i have seen, and what i think a guy's life is like. An alternative is the computer nerd option ( i wont mention any names.... eeeeeeee :p just joking). Sometimes i feel sorry for them, as they live in their own virtual reality of silicon chips and graphics cards on a fragile screen.

I don't know what inspired me, but just take the info as it is!



JaYe said...

Am I right in thinking that the stimulus material for this sudden explosion of Joshi's psychological therapy, is Kids Klub? (that is if you're doing it this year)

You get to see the whole spectrum there! :D

joshi.t~ said...

note the time :P im at home

Anonymous said...

Not true that you can't change life by grade 12. Uni has plenty of opportunities. Even if no education can still become millionaire.