Monday, June 20, 2005

Love Holidays!

Ahhhh now I can remember the relaxing feeling of the holidays. Nothing to think about except resting and having fun. No pressure of work or anything else. No people to get angry with. Thats the life! I slept in for the first time in maybe 6 months... had enough sleep for once :). Then I cleaned my room, discovering things i forgot i ever had. Stumbled on some stuff i did in primary school... so funny how much i have changed since then. Hi Fi on all day... I lanned my computers up... and played soccer on comp. Also made some funny soccer tricks with my beloved nike ball. Mum made pasta for me :P so NICE!!! i wish i could cook as good as she does. I wish i could feel as carefree as this every day. I got my report card today. It was pretty good. I didnt get busted by my parents (well not yet), and i was quite satisfied with my results. I got VHA for maths B, Physics and Graphics, HA+ for Maths C and Chemistry, and HA for english. I think i will survive grade 12 with a decent OP now. But who cares now. Its time to relax and have fun! Life is so cool when you appreciate the small things, and not think about the expectatations and stress of life :D I hope this carries on, i sure need some relaxation!!

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