Saturday, April 23, 2005

The Misconception of Society

In the past week i have engaged with many conversations with friends and other people about the topic of religion, and a very big misconception, misinterpretation and misunderstanding is very obvious.
The issue about catholics, protestant and christians. It's true that there is some big variations between the different denominations and these three 'religions' in general, but I have one question to pose: what is their main belief? Is Jesus the head of their church, or is it some guy or other thing. I'd like to see society be more aware of WHY there are denominations, but also be aware of the things that we all hold true. I, personally, don't subdivide christians into protestants and catholics etc., I rather be aware of what they really believe in, and if they hold true to the Bible, and if Jesus is the head of their Church, then I'd put them into the group of Christians. If not, then in another group. This issue, i think, is tearing apart the secular view of christianity, and is a hindrance to the growth of the church.
The normal secular guy thinks that all these are different, and are sometimes confused at why there are so many denominations etc. They also poke fun at the internal division if they know about christianity as a whole, but dont believe (maybe because of this division). Something that comes through this is unity of the modern church (or lack of). Maybe if we present a united view of the church, taking away all these barriers, then maybe more people will come to the light.

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