Sunday, April 17, 2005

"miraculous" God moments

There are times where you can clearlysee God at work providing us with miracles. Figs is normally a very quiet study time, because the kids are quite nervous at speaking up, so we prayed about it particularly this time, and its like magic! It was definately the loudest, most productive study I have ever been in, in the 2 and a half years I have been at Figs. Never have I seen such profound and thoughtful answers, and the conversations that were started during the study, I was truly amazed at God answering our prayers.
There is another 'God' moment i frequently have. Every thursday night I have to walk to badminton and back home. The path there is quite dark, sometimes can be dangerous, because there have been a few armed robberies around that path, and gangsters hang around near that place sometimes because its a back alley on the way to garden city. But anyway, at times i pray to God that he will safely get me to or from badminton, and show me the way so i'm not scared. Twice, when i saw teens loitering around (they actually made a mini heat bomb thing and wasted a few windows on a 4wd once), i was offered lifts home from generous people whom i dont know personally, but i just know them from badminton, and some other times when its really late and dark, theres always a car every interval with lights showing me the way home. it may be coincidence sometimes, but i feel that God is looking after me.
These are some of those moments which clearly point to a real and loving God we have!

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JaYe said...

Amen to that! ( or agreed!)

God works in weird and miraculous ways that we cannot comprehend.