Wednesday, April 27, 2005

God's Science Vs Man's Science

I feel that the modern generation have been led to believe a science made and encouraged by mankind. This science contradicts nearly everything the bible states, and is interpretted to be proved correct, lowering the authenticity of the bible. However, I have heard of many stories about scientists and historians, who decided to look into the authenticity of the bible against history and science, and everything makes sense! But why doesn't the world know about these revelations? It's because of mankind's selfishness. The men in power have created the 'mainstream' belief about evolution and billions of years etc., and do not want to change it, and damage their own careers. These beliefs about evolution and big bang have invaded everywhere... even high school and primary school teachers tell us that these theories are true, totally forgetting about the bible, and its validity.
But this is another problem in society that needs to be changed. People need to be more aware of the validity of the bible, and the truth it holds. People must know why the bible is true, the facts behind it, and the history that backs it all up. People need the evidence and the truth, explained to them in simple terms, so that they may be able to decipher for themselves the truth, and the make a decision with all the facts, not just the mainstream beliefs and theories. Some topics that I have come across are: how Adam and Eve's family intermarry and reproduce without having genetically disfunctional kids, the carbon dating proving billions of years, dinosaurs, evolution, etc. In all these topics, science has actually proved that the bible is right, and those scientists that claim otherwise, are wrong. Science is on God's side, and no man can disprove God's word, the Bible.

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Anonymous said...

Ok, yes im leaving comments, on all your old blogs. Haha.
Da Vinci Code: it goes something like this "Science and religion are not against eachother, science is simply too young to understand". Something like that.
But all science leads back to God, without all the species on earth, the sunrise and set, there would be no sciencetific questions to answer, God put them in the world so we may answer them...? Without God, there is no world, with not world, there is no science. Hence, without God, there's no science. But seeing as the world has science, God is for real!!! big bang? whats that about? Lots of forces in the just... pinpointed their energies and created earth? I think not.
Leland againx2:)