Monday, November 22, 2010

Mission Madness

So many cross-cultural missions happening this coming month! Please pray for:

1. The SDBC Team going to Tokyo, Japan

They still need 3 homestays and time is ticking before they leave. Please pray for this! Please also pray that God will make divine appointments with the Japanese people through the team. Pray for sensitivity to the Japanese culture, and for relationships to grow during their stay.

2. Pray for the CCCB Team going to Cambodia

Praise God for the young team of CCCB guys and girls going to Cambodia! The country is so in need of God's unconditional love. Pray for the kids programs, the english learning classes, and all the conversations that the team has with the Cambodian people, that everything will be done for the glory of God.

3. Pray for the Taiwan Missions team

Praise God for the ministry that has been consolidated over the past years, and the relationships that have been made with the taiwanese people. Praise God for the new members on the team going to Taiwan and on missions for the first time. Pray that God will continue to move within the taiwanese people and that people will come to faith.

4. Pray for the TBC team going to India

Praise God for this unique experience for Zee Zhang and the others going! Praise God for the work that missionaries have been doing in India for the past century. Pray for continued support for the christian movement in such a hindu stronghold, that God will break the chains of Satan that are holding the Indian people down.

Its such an encouragement to see God's name go out to the ends of the earth!


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Anonymous said...

praying sincerely~

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