Friday, November 19, 2010

Christian Hypocrites

"Christians are a bunch of hypocrites"

I have heard this strong phrase many times while speaking to non-Christian workmates and friends, and wished they would look deeper into Christianity. I wish they would look at the real Christians, the ones who are actually following God and living a life for Christ. I mean, there are so many of them out there!

This is probably the way I have thought about Christians and hypocrites until the past few years. Now when I hear this statement, my feelings are sadness and disappointment. After experiencing more of life, looking at people, Christians, and 'Christians', I am just at a loss looking at 'Christians' who live the life of the world. I am saddened looking at Christians who put themselves out as good, nice, and Christ-like, but deep down they can be the total opposite, without any guilt or regret. Where has the honesty, humility and sincerity gone? Then I revisit this common secular phrase again, the stumbling block for many people looking into Christianity, and think again - "Yes, it could be their lack of interest or their uniquely bad experience, but maybe its a wake up call for us too".

Maybe its time for all of us to look honestly, humbly and objectively at ourselves, and really ask ourselves the hard questions: Am I being Christ-like in all my life? Or am I just 50% there, or whatever it is. Am I holding this part of my life ransom and not giving it up to Christ, and why am I doing this? Sure life is busy, but life shouldn't be busy enough that you can't even think about where you're at with life. We need to examine ourselves, monthly, weekly, daily, and continue to move towards Christ-likeness, so that our lives can be a witness to the one God who is sovereign and has saved us from our inequities.


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