Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Forgiveness and Restoration

Forgiveness and restoration are completely different things.

One allows the possibility of another.

Both have to mutually work at each stage to make anything possible.

Restoration can't occur until forgiveness is mutually sought.

Be real.


JLTan said...

I feel that way myself right now.

I feel that restoration is needed, but I am not getting the chance to talk to the other party in order to give/receive forgiveness.

CabinCrazyOne (cc1) said...

I agree completely. Forgiveness is the Supreme Method of self help, the means of maintaining, acquiring or restoring spiritual health.
But a person shouldn't make the mistake of thinking that spiritual health can't be achieved without mutual restoration. That would make you dependent on another human for your spiritual health. That's a sign that you aren't forgiving completely.
Remember that forgiveness is the state of completely letting go of a resentment.
Let go and let God. Completely let go and completely let God.
If the other person involved forgives, restoration in the form of neutral feelings toward each other are achieved. That is a positive thing, but no one should depend on that happening in order to attain mental health, spiritual health.


feel that way myself right now.

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