Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Past Month....

For those who do read my blog, you may have noticed a very quiet past month, and an even quieter year in terms of usually blogging patterns. Well..... I thought I'd do a quick recap of the past month or so, before going back to the extremities of very serious and very stupid blogs!

Batman: The Dark Knight
This movie is up there with one of the best I've seen, and even managed to pull me out twice to watch! Heath Ledger's awesome portrayal of the Joker is definitely the highlight of the movie, and also the movie ends with space for another Batman movie..... so looking forward to that!

The Idea of North
I only realised that I am a big supporter of this acapella group (been to their concert 5 or 6 times!) and also I have somewhat raised a new generation of fangirls for this great acapella quartet. These guys never disappoint, and nothing beats listening to TIoN live.

This year's BLT+ was the biggest so far! We packed out the campsite with a cool 150 young adults keen to learn, read and study from God's Word. It was a timely wake up call for a lot of people to not waste their lives, but to focus on things which really matter. Manuscript discovery was also a timely reminder of reading the bible properly, and also hit me that I'm somewhat no longer a 'freshman' in BLT (been going for 4 years) and that its probably time for me to be encouraging and leading other young people to these events so that they can be equipped and trained to be leaders too!

Arguably, the timing of the Sydney trip was soo bad. The week after included 2 assignments and crazy studying. But I can say now that It was a really worthwhile trip personally in terms of growth, and also forced rest. The trip didn't start off too well, as Jono and I missed the train to the airport, and only arrived at the terminal 5 minutes before boarding time. After we arrived in Sydney, Cindy drove us to Homebush to check out the olympic park and also the place where RICE E1 (RICEFEST) was held. Then we continued the trek to smak's place in northwestern woop woop suburbs. We checked out Macquarrie Shopping Centre, and then went to chinatown in the afternoon, bought takeaway chinese dinner, and went to the RICE Rally Rehearsal. The rehearsal was really great to be part of, and to take it how RICE works in Sydney, and thinking about the good/bad/interesting points and the similarities/differences with RICE Brisbane. Their band, choir, orchestra and dancers were awesome, and it was great to see all the kids involved too!

Friday we bummed around the city all day. Met up with Carson the traitor for lunch, and almost got myself into a bad position, since me and Jono met up with our own friends that day. My mobile ran out of battery, and it was so lucky I jotted down Jono's number like less than 1 minute before my mobile died. Otherwise, I'd be probably still be lost around Sydney! Met up with Jack, Pat, Jan and Warren and had dinner at chinatown (again). We gatecrashed Jan and Warren's apartment, before our mega one hour ride home which involved walking, tram, train and cab, and watching the police take down some random at central station.

Saturday morning was 5:30am start and we bummed around the city and the Entertainment Centre, where RICE Rally was held. During lunch, we were able to sit in on a Mark Driscoll talk on "10 things I wish I knew when I was 25". Will blog about that later. We spent the afternoon helping with the followup packs, and at night we sat in on the RICE Rally. It was amazing! 400 kids, listening to mark Driscoll's (definitely MA15+) talk, and going crazy and having fun at the same time! It was a moving experience to witness and help out in the followup room. Being surrounded by 500 kids who want to learn more about God is just mindblowing.

Sunday was pretty crazy too. Highlight was probably being rejected at the Qantas check-in (He told us we had to wait til the next day, and I had a heart attack), only to be accepted after 5-10 minutes of heated discussion from me and Dora, and compromising by having our check-in luggage on the flight after. As I walked out to the baggage carousels... behold! my suitcase appeared at the front of the line of bags. Note to self - Qantas is crap.

Life is almost back to normal, but a lot of things have changed recently. Hopefully, there will be time to discuss these, but for now.... time to catch up on sleep!

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