Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Great Speech on Engineers

If you give an engineer the throne,
And let them do the work alone,
The final result could be rather sad,
To let them manage a design team, is simply mad.

Solving practical problems is why an engineer is paid,
Their results must be trusted and meticulously obeyed,
They know when most steel will bend,
Thanks to a calculator their best friend.

Their accuracy is second to none,
Their profession far from fun,
Practicality is the main theme,
The opposite of a clients dream.

On this slide are examples of their work,
The result of an engineering jerk.
While definitely structurally sound,
They should all be buried under ground.

Right here down below,
I have decided I should show,
The different fields in which they are employed,
The areas where their expertise can be deployed.

While these next four projects are basically great,
They all require an engineer as your best mate.
Alone they would have no hope,
But in a project team well they will cope.

The engineers contribution is quite immense,
Their team involvement very intense,
These projects are all a hit,
Far better than the previous s**t.

So the main moral here,
Is all about the engineer,
Do not make them the boss,
Because all hope will be lost.

Their input can however be gold,
Helping most projects to get sold,
So include them on a good design team,
And the final result could be simply supreme.

1 comment:

Derk said...

That guy saved himself from a collective brick from all engies in the world with the last part.