Saturday, June 16, 2007

What's left in life?

I'm in an assessment mood. Around me, everyone is madly rushing and studying to achieve their so called "perfection" or however close they will get to it. However, I'm just sitting here, wondering... what's left in life, when things drive you to be a monotonous workaholic?

I'm a firm believer of work, rest, and play. I'm Asian. I grew up with parents, who, ironically are teachers and now tutors, who were always on my back, screaming and shouting and telling me to study my brains off, or my future will be gone. It's probably true, that if u have no work ethic, you're probably stuffed for the future, but to me, work isn't the centre of life. Some would say "but josh.. you're smart! we're not!" or "yeah we know you're smart josh"... but that isn't the point. If work was the centre of life... what would the world look like? It would probably look like one of those gloomy factories that boring engineers work at. Everyone just standing looking at the production line... waiting to do their job. It would look like a computer... like a robot... like a machine.

If work is the central part of your life, I think you've totally misunderstood. Work is a part of life, yes. To most, its an important part of life. If life was a machine, where would the laughter be? how would you find your close friends? where would you see the beautiful smiles on people's faces? where would you find time to relax? to rest? to play?

Keep your balance. Know what life is all about. Then, you will be truly satisfied.

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Anonymous said...

so true.

im that person.

so sad.

very nice writing josh.