Sunday, June 17, 2007

Taming the Tongue

Today's service was named "taming the tongue". The truths from the sermon are so true and applicable to anyone and everyone. The tongue... though such a small part of a person, says a lot about the person. It has the power to bless, and to curse. When uncontrolled, the tongue can be sharper than any sword.

The video clip before the sermon was very powerful... countless words... infinite hours of work... everything thats been done, can be undone by one word.

We have to be in control of what we say. We have to tolerate others, and speak truth in love. There's no more rejection than being criticised openly by others. One word can change lives.


Shmeep said...

How true...

I would say more, except that about sums up what I wanted to say, haha.

Anonymous said...

noob is the word. NOOB! :P