Monday, April 02, 2007

Lazy. Lazy. Lazy.

Man... how lazy am i! 7 posts this year... and haven't blogged properly in over a month! Well things are really busy here and I'm actually not procrastinating... hehe

So what has happened over the past month? not much...
  • Badminton comp and many baddy nights
  • Uni assignments and *sigh* presentations
  • Organising FiGS stuff every week
  • Depriving myself of sleep
  • Work
  • Going out for meals since I'm so lazy... mmmm Grinders side wedges =P
  • Poking friends hehehe
  • Being stupid as usual

But now I have one week break and I wanna make the most of it!

Want to:

  • Sleep
  • Play badminton
  • Go fishing maybe?? JAYE!!!
  • Poke friends
  • Be my stupid self =P
  • Sleep
  • LAN party maybe?? (who's up for easter sunday?!?)
  • Catch up with people
  • Finish my stupid assignments

Well thats my post for now =P

1 comment:

Shmeep said...

Haha, I'll say you're lazy! No one's blogging, it's really boring.

Hm. Formatting goes funny on these original post comment pages. But yeah, you've definitely been poking people ==