Wednesday, March 09, 2011

What does the Cross mean to you?

A couple days ago I heard a segment on the radio talking about what the cross actually means. I thought it was quite interesting as I had been thinking about that subject recently. The cross has so many different meanings in the world these days. Here are some of them:

- A symbol to distinguish christians
- A fashion ornament for celebrities and urban style
- A shorthand in writing for Jesus
- An illustration of Easter
- A sign for a church
- Something we link with Jesus
- The way Jesus died

I think we have all, christians included, forgotten the true meaning and significance of the cross. In the roman empire, crucifixion, or execution on a cross, was the most gruesome punishment considered. So much so, that roman citizens were exempt to being sentenced to death this way - subject to overrule by the emperor. The cross symbolised death in its most horrific form.

When we see a cross and speak of the cross, and even associate ourselves with the cross, we should be reminded of the lengths that Jesus went to take away our sins - his death on the cross. We should be reminded of the mercy of God - that we were destined to die, an eternal death, and God sent Jesus to take our place on the cross that we associate ourselves with. And we also should be reminded of our lives too - in light of Jesus on the cross. Our response is a life being a living sacrifice to worship God.

So what does the cross mean to you? Is it just two straight lines intersecting? Is it just an ornament? Or is it much more?


Jane Eyre said...

The cross is an appropriated symbol. I believe the symbol itself can be found in prehistoric cave paintings, long before it was used to represent the suffering of your Christ.

To me it remains a representation of the cardinal directions, (the cross found in the centre of the medicine wheel, for example), of the plane of the spiritual or the unreal intersecting with the plane of objective reality.

With this interpretation, the Christian story takes on an extremely interesting and important mythological role for me.

Joshi said...

I've done some religious study and you're right about the cardinal points and its symbolism for many prehistoric and ancient beliefs.

However in the case of the true story of Jesus and also the Roman Empire back 2000 years ago (which are all recorded truths) the cross was a gruesome picture of death - the worst manner to be executed.

covnitkepr1 said...

I like your blog here J. The cross...that's what I deserve, but Jesus took my place. Praise His holy name.

You are more than welcome to visit my blog and become a follower. I didn’t see a follow widget on this site, but if you put one up...I will gladly follow you as well.

Joanne said...

To me it has always been a symbol of hope and love for me. When I wear it it is not just a decorative piece but a promise and sacrifice that was made for me. great post. Blessings, Joanne

LearningByReading said...

First and foremost, the cross represents the pain and suffering of our Lord and Savior Jesus.

جدار الذكرى said...

Pedro Garcia Millan said...
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Malissa said...
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Malissa said...

I think your right about us not really realizing what Jesus went through on the cross. When I see my cross necklace I think about what a sacrifice Jesus made for us and how extremely privileged I am to be able to not have my sin weighting down on my shoulders and that Jesus took my sin and placed it on his own shoulders.

KennzoWoW said...

The Cross to me means a waste of life, I do not want to fill your blog with hatred or negativity so please don't take it that way. Jesus was killed on the charges of blasphemy, as he or people of that time claimed he was "the king of the jews". Whether this is true or not, How many people today claim to be something they are not!. However this resulted in a man who i think had brilliant morals which were well ahead of his time being killed.

What a waste of life

I myself am an atheist and think that the thing to be blamed for this whole story was religion. religion is the reason why 1 man lost his life. well in fact why millions of people have lost their life. but. i hear you say.. jesus secured our place in heaven, and died for our sins? really?? what sins does a new born baby have?? was a baby born with sins before jesus died for our sins? What Sins?

a.w. marks said...

I'm pleased to have stumbled across your blog. You pose the appropriate questions, those that lead to the maturing of our faith, through a willing discontent with the more digestable "gospel" we often encounter.

Paul, a Roman citizen, thought enough of the message of the cross to build his ministry upon its implications. Philippians 2 is a charge for the church to carry the attitude of Christ, even in His willingness to suffer.

But I'm also reminded that the cross is only half the story. Many martyrs have suffered and died for their people, and we may rightly call them "good." However, the hope of the Gospel is in the resurrection. The cross is significant in His suffering, but it is redeemed by His victory.

Small picture? I gravitate toward the intimacy and intent of the act. Big picture? It is the ultimate demonstration of His glory being proclaimed.

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chalomarts said...

When i see a cross it remind me that Jesus died for my sins and the love God is having for man kind.And that i am a new person in Christ.

chalom said...

When i see a cross it remind me that Jesus died for my sins and the love God is having for man kind.And that i am a new person in Christ.

Kold_Kadavr_flatliner, sub/dude said...

I absolutely looove your quote at the bottom, dude. Meet this sinfull mortal in the Great Beyond, cat, and lemme buy you a beer... or a keg. WAIT! Silly me. I forgot. Ain't no prices in Heaven. God bless you.