Saturday, March 05, 2011

A Balanced Life - Gaming

I like most of Mark Driscoll's stuff, but I think some of his spiels (as with other notable preachers) I think just go too much to the extreme. This is one of the dangers of teaching/modelling from one side of the spectrum to the other.

In this video, Driscoll says gaming is stupid, its an alternative to living truly for Jesus, amongst other comments.

I disagree with Driscoll in most of the comments in this video, and my concern is that people will either watch this and take his extreme stance, or be turned off from Christianity. There is no problem with gaming in itself. Games are great - they are a good way to relax, a good way to keep your brain ticking, a good way of playing with others. Just like anything else, when gaming takes over your life, or when there is too much gaming, then there are problems. Its like fat - humans actually need to consume fat as part of a healthy diet, but when humans eat too much fat, a lot of problems eventuate. The key is to have a balanced lifestyle and also making sure gaming has not become a little god in your life.


smartie*sarah said...

i understand what you mean as i have the same feelings on this topic. though God is amazing and all that you cannot be too strong if you know what i mean ;)

what i really mean to say is do not over- preach as to offend someone. ;3

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Joshi said...

I think you need to be strong, but on the issues that really matter. I don't think preaching an extreme view of gaming or any related topic is really helpful to anyone...

cee said...

i totally agree with you!! we av to be careful as christains how we potray God's word to others orelse we'll end up driving them away instead of drawing them closer to God...

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