Monday, July 19, 2010

Judgemental Christians

I was once a very judgemental person. I probably still am in some ways, but its been a journey of growing and learning through many happy and sad life experiences over many years that I have come to this shift in perspective and orientation in my thoughts.

I find that as a Christian, it can be easy to fall into this judgemental mindset, whether consciously or subconsciously, natural or trained, purposely or accidental. Here are some reasons that I can think of in regards to how we can become judgemental:

- When we make statements about specific people and issues based on subjective, perspective, unfounded or false evidence (on a whimp)
- When we make general and broad statements or stereotypes about people and issues without realising that general and individual are two different ball parks
- When we try to help people but do it in a way which condemns them and puts them down instead
- When we jump into issues and discussions without gaining the big picture perspective on the actual issue
- When we lose control mentally and our temper/anger/frustration takes over (and we usually say really stupid things about people that we regret later)
- When we are so focused on rebuking and admonishing that we forget the aspect of Christlike love and forgiveness

We are not in a position to judge and condemn anyone We are all sinners alike and fall short of the glory of God. I might be able to see the speck in my brother or sister's eye, but I know there is a log in my own! We are not taught to judge in a view to condemn but we are taught to love each other and spur each other on to do good works - to be Christlike. We are to love, to forgive, to encourage, to teach and to grow so that we can all finish the race and hear God say "well done, good and faithful servant".

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