Saturday, November 22, 2008

What's wrong with Hong Kong?

I've been in Hong Kong for about 5 days, and its been a really good experience. The MTR is by far the best thing the place has to offer. The city is built on a really smart infrastructure that Australia has never seen before. Even though a lot of the buildings are old and crap, and the streets smell and the air is polluted and smoggy, its just amazing to see a city built on an intelligent foundation, and little snippets of the cool techniques which work in this place (like bamboo scaffolding on 40 storey buildings, and the walkway covers on top of curing concrete).

The food in Hong Kong is really and also cheap... we splurged the other day on yum cha and then japanese.... Yum Cha ended up about $10 per person, while the Japanese was about $25...... and we were all full both days.

I didn't come to HK to learn about history, but it was an eye opening experience both at the History Museum and also in Macau visiting the fortress and the various cathedrals.

Lastly, the buildings in HK and Macau are awesome! Been snapping away on my new camera for the last few days :D

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Vincent said...

I guess the food it only cheap if you eat like an ordinary person... When we go to Yum cha in HK, me, my bro and my mum... we eat about... HK$300-400 of food... and sometimes we arn't full :P soooo... so yeah haha... depends how average you are :P

Elaine said...

Haha, trust you to see all that architectural stuff XD But yes I agree, the MTR is awesome! for what's wrong with HK? People's attitudes I reckon :(