Sunday, November 16, 2008

Overseas Trip!

Most of you know that I'm going overseas on Monday for a whole month! If you have any tips or you'll be in those cities when I'm there, please reply to this and I'll either go look into your tips, or try to arrange to meet up with you guys!

Here's my Itinerary:

Monday 17th Nov: Brisbane - Hong Kong
Sunday 23rd Nov: Hong Kong - Shanghai
Tuesday 2nd December: Shanghai - Singapore
Thursday 4th December: Singapore - Kota Kinabalu
Friday 12th December: Kota Kinabalu - Kuala Lumpur
Monday 15th December: Kuala Lumpur - Brisbane

Hope you all have a good holiday and have a great lead up to Christmas :) I'll be back for all the parties!!!


Elaine said...

That last sentence makes you sound like a party-crazy guy :P

PS. You can come to Taiwan! :D

Jamesy said...

hahaha man ... u get back to bris like a day after i leave :P enjoy ur trip and stay safe ~

tip for hk ... don't buy anything ... our dollar sucks too much right now :P

Joshi said...

Heh.... I need to buy badminton stuff cos I can't get it in Aus :(