Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The past month recap

Hello Blog... I've been ignoring you for a month now... so i guess i'll write something up. Its been soooo busy over the past month that I even forgot i had a blog =P Now its pretty much the busy time of the semester with projects and assignments and exam (singular!) coming up... and also things like FiGS camp, meetings, possible holidays etc. etc. to think about. Well... here's a quick point list of what's new in the past month:

  • Its almost exam blocks!!! (again... singular "exam" and 20% only =P)
  • I'm 19 hehe (most people are like... OH NO!!)
  • Birthday party with heaps of fun and surprises (thanks guys!)
  • New computer and big big monitor ^^
  • mayfest and buddha fest
  • figs PARENTS night... lol
  • new badminton racquet ^____^
  • cousin came over from NZ
  • UQ pizza first time this semester =P
  • did my critique/presentation for project 2 and it went pretty well
  • easy 30% exam memorising 60 buildings

Things coming up

  • holidays!
  • figs camp!
  • melb. mayyybeeeee
  • qld and gc open ^___^
  • aus. international!
  • um i dunno what else

As you can see, my blog motivation is going down and downnn....

better get back to work =P


sal said...

Yay! Someone blogged. lol, I think everyone's blog motivation is going down. We're all getting too busy ><

Busy busy time. Good luck for everything =)

Shmeep said...


When IS GC? ...Last year was fun, I want to do it again, but I'm not sure when it is...hope I'm here for it...

Blog more :( The blogging community is dying!

JaYe said...

You should never be too busy to blog!!!

For all you uni students, I would have thought it was a good source of procrastination.

Does that mean you'll be relying on my humble blog for entertainment then?

Darth Nola