Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Fashion Etc.

During the past semester we've been having interesting discussions about decoration, ornament and fashion in our history tutes... revealing many many things about its influence. Stuff about beauty and 'inherent' beauty (its universally accepted as beautiful) or 'positive' beauty (when its up to someone's taste or perception that its beautiful). Apparently this debate has been going on for more than a millennia, and the idea of ornament has governed many different periods of architecture and history.

Well this week's tutorial was the finale! many points came out of our text and discussion like:
  • one who tattoos himself is like a 2 year old
  • one who tattoos himself is a criminal and a degenerate
  • one who ornaments is trapped in the past and is also a 2 year old and a degenerate
  • one who rids himself of ornament has proved mature and above society and its trends of fashion and ornament
  • this is why architects supposedly all wear black so they use their creativity on their projects as opposed to ornamenting themselves

Also some points from other tutes:

  • a demented hand made vase is worth more than the elegant machined vase
  • a machine-made beautiful pearl necklace is nothing more than supporting slave labour
  • imperfect but original is better than perfect and machined
  • women support slave labour when they buy jewellry
  • perfume was originally made so people could substitute it for having showers

Ok back to work =P

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JaYe said...

The perfume comment is true enough..I had a friend who was famous for his "shower in a can" mentality, which was a can of deodorant.