Saturday, December 02, 2006

When it all falls apart

Have you ever looked forward to something... something that u really really wanted to go to, or some event that u just really wanted to take place, or just a certain day to come... but when that day came, your expectation, anticipation, and all that excitement and hype was just torn to shreds? Not just torn to shreds... just totally obliterated. Your anticipation gone down the drain... but thats not all.. not only that something is gone... your future is just muddled by this unexpected twist of fortunes.
I am not a guy with huge expectations... and i'm sure there are many out there like me. There are times wen u just wanna smash your head on the wall out of frustration or disappointment... not because of your huge expectations, but merely because logic has not prevailed. Somethings that are straightforward become a tangled mess.
I personally have never experienced what it feels like when everything is falling apart around me... but gee... from what i'm going thru now... it must be a pretty bad feeling.

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