Thursday, December 07, 2006

Badminton + holidays

Yes holidays sinking in! Last sunday was QLD Juniors Badminton comp... and it was awesome! Got there at about 2 and bummed around with the others... everyone was playing so seriously! Watched heaps of games and umpired a few too... talking with ppl about really random stuff :S listening to ipod... until my first game at 3:45. Man... my games were all pretty scary... against state level players and stuff! Under 19/21 singles... won my first game amazingly and comfortably 31-24. I pissed the guy off so much with my serves and he chucked his racquet on the ground. Talk about anger management lol.

Then a few more mins passed... then had to verse brian... crazy state level A/open player... and lol.. was beating him in the beginning 14-9. I was like OMG! Think he wasn't playing very well though... and i didn't give him many smash chances so yeah. I think I managed 20 points in the end. I was happy... was playing pretty well hehe. Then i got wasted by this dragon club dude... he was playing awesome and i was still playing okay... i got just under 20 points so that was okay. hmmmm... haha then i vs'ed this Aus jr team guy... he beat me 21-1 once ages ago so that was a scary proposition hehe. I was beating him in a few stages... then he romped home and beat me about 31-20ish so I was pretty happy still. Then vs'ed this other dragon club guy and lost about 31-20 and i was dead at that time so meh. Can't believe i beat a state team dude and got 20ish points off everyone else hehe. Then up came mixed doubles lol. Me and Elaine had this game plan =P and it worked LOL. We were both a bit tired (well i was anyway...) and SOMEONE kept on hitting the net and giving nice lollipop shots *stare* but we got through and won comfortably... even though the scoreline was a bit close. Then came MD which sucked so i wont talk about it.

Funniest moment was when it started storming... thunder went BOOOOM! and then... LOL half the lights went out! One court was closed cos all these leaves and rain came in through the top lourves... and the other courts had a bit of water on them too! So the lights went out for about 20 minutes... and with 1 unavaiable court for about 1hr... the comp was delayed soooo long. On the way home all the lights on mains rd were dead.. and the intersections were all chaotic. Luckily no stupid drivers on the road or else joshi might not be here. Crap moment was when sandy did a spectacular 180 degree twisting dive! lol thats not the crap bit... that's the awesome bit =P crap bit is she did her ankle badly :( hope you get well soon =P

Anyway more later... c ya


xiaoyin said...

wow... sounds like you guys had a *fun* comp... *cough* ^^" wish i can be there too >~<

hows everything in australia?! me almost bored to death over here in hk... all i do is walk walk walk eat eat eat walk walk eat walk eat eat eat =______=

Shmeep said...

Haha, Qld juniors was amusing XD Nice job for beating Chris though - he chucked his racquet? o.o;;

That Brian game was amusing! Sandy and I were just thinking half the time...what's going on??? But yeah, interesting >_>;;

Lalalala.....I didn't ALWAYS hit the net .___. and what are you talking about, lollipop shots? I seem to recall SOMEONE doing funny :P