Monday, November 20, 2006

Things to do this Holidays

1. Spend heaps of time with friends... especially the ones I didn't get to bum around with due to various different reason
2.Rest and relax after my first year of uni! Stupid late nights and everything took its toll...
3. Work and get more $$$ and more work experience... Hope i get more shifts than I am getting now!
4. Play sports on Nintendo Wii with the wireless controller thingo... *drives to shan's house*
5. Watch all the movies I missed this year *stares at certain ppl*
6. Eat out at many different restaurants... yum yum!
7. Poke people i didn't get to poke during uni *pokepoke*
8. Play heaps of crazy badminton with my friends
9. Wish my friends merry christmas and a happy new year for once (instead of being in malaysia)
10. Re-learn mandarin and maybe learn cantonese
and finally... 11. Clean my room XD


Shmeep said...

Haha, I second no.8! :D

You're always in Malaysia? Mmmm, you probably should experience a Christmas here for once then lol. comment for no.11 XD

Em ^^ said...

I third no. 8! But you and Elaine gotta promise not to pick on me :P And I'm definitely against no. 7 ^^"

xiaoyin said...

i wish i can stay here for christmas for once... but then christmas trip to hk is always cool ^^

i fourth no.8! :) though i will probably be totally get wasted by you guys ~____~

hmm... no.11 sounds familiar... i probably -should- clean up my room... soon >___>