Wednesday, November 01, 2006

11 things...

I was bored so i decided to copy people and write 11 things about 11 people i know:

  1. You have been an awesome friend over the years. You stood by me when others just walked away. You’ve changed a lot since back in the days… but I know that we’ll always be there to help each other.
  2. You were always the insane one… and I’m saying that in a good way! I think that we share a weird but great friendship and I hope it continues *poke*
  3. I’ve been stuck with you for fives years… and probably am still stuck for another five years. You’ve been a good friend, but you really should stop wagging uni and relying on me hehe.
  4. I ditched you. Now you ditched me. But still.. we’ve somehow come through with an undisturbed friendship. I’ll always pay you out and you will always be my guitar apprentice.
  5. Time flies by so fast… I wish we just had more time together. Sometimes you can be slow and random, but I will never forget your uber huge smile ^____^ <3
  6. In the past 10 years, only recently have we really talked to each other. We’ve always been close to best friends, but now I can really say that we are awesome friends.
  7. You’ve been a great friend over the past 5 years… sometimes you even feel like a big sis to me… even though I am taller than u !!
  8. We have our ups and downs. Sometimes I can be pissed to death at you, but for other times you are a nice guy. I’m really sorry for being pissed at u ><
  9. We’re about a generation apart, and I do understand why you seem to hate me. But I’ve never really hated u and I really wish and want to make the friendship between us better.
  10. You’re a fun person to poke and annoy =P sometimes we do share a lot but for the most, we are pretty good friends
  11. We became friends coincidentally, but since that day we’ve been great buddies. I hope we can continue being awesome friends, and that you will continue to see me mesmerize you in soccer *wink*


Shmeep said...

YOU COPIED PEOPLE. How dare you. :P

Aaah I know which one I am! >_> so. Cheese.

Anonymous said...

hmmmm i know i'm one of them but which...