Thursday, October 13, 2005

A Poem...

I'm bored... and feeling a bit poemy... so I chucked this amatuer poem here...

I hear the rustling leaves of fall
And feel the icy winds of winter
It seems there is no hope
Nothing that could change this heart

I see the grey skies of darkness
And the impenetrable fog of despair
Dark days are slowly settling in
The love beginning to disappear

Behold! The night is nearly over
The dawn is soon to come
The frozen heart of yours
Begins to soften back to life

Spring swiftly approaches unto us
Cherry blossoms are ready to bloom
The once monotonous world of mine
Will shine like the stars above

The love I once laid my eyes upon
Meticulously shaped into its true form
A love shaped by the maker above
Given by grace to the undeserved one.

It's a 5 min job but hey... its good enough...



Derk said...

woah... u can make a poem in 5 mins....

Peter L said...

hmm pretti good~ i cant do that in 5mins =p

Anonymous said...

nice, but it doesn't rhyme... just sentences written in paragraphs of 4 sentences

joshi.t~ said...

ummm not all poems rhyme smart guy