Saturday, August 13, 2005


I'm such a nothing. Just a void. A pawn in the chess board. An insignificant figure. Yet it astonishes me how someone can use such an imperfect being for their ultimate goal. I can confess... I'm not a good study writer. I'm not the best leader a group could have. I'm not the most focussed person around. I like to bum around when I am able to. I'm no good with talking to an audience more than 1. I'm so imperfect, yet God still works through me.

Today for FIGS, I wrote the study, and in the beginning I was so happy because I finished writing it so early. But in reality, I wasn't very prepared today. I shifted the leadership to someone else. I kind of bummed around and annoyed people a little bit in the study (sorry everyone ><). I feel terrible. Yet God worked through me. He was able to arouse the thoughts of a new christian. She asked great questions about being a christian. Questions that i knew the answers to, but i had once struggled with or always practiced. But i didn't know how to answer them properly. Luckily, i had awesome leaders to help answer the q's. Thank God that my study gave glory to him, despite its imperfections. Its truly a miracle.


Anonymous said...

Everyone makes mistakes. Learn from them and move on :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

It was a good study Josh, now you just need to work on leading a study :-) But to practice writing studies, maybe you can help Euan on his :-P

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