Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Christianity too structured? only from society's view!

Today, i was talking to one of my best friends when the topic of religion came up. We both refuted the big bang theory, he was for evolution, i was for adaptation (which is not mutation of genes and so on), but then he said that religion is too structured, and organisational these days. I must say, that i have to agree with him on that one, well thats the society's view of christianity. He thought that religion should be based on one's understanding and point of belief, which is one major part of coming to a relationship with God. All the interdenominational wrangling, the spiritual heirachy business (all the deans and popes and whatnots) and christian factions which have become way too outspoken have tinged the great name of God in the eyes of the lost. Companies like Hillsong have sometimes gone too far organisationally, and have taken away their sole purpose in need for consumer exposure. Affairs relating to high profile religious figures (who i doubt are even deserve their high profile place, or even of 'the faith' if they get caught for sexual misconduct and other vile crimes) do not help the image of christianity.
For me, i did not come through some organisation of brainwashing or any kind of pressure. Sure, i went to sunday school, but that means little. I became a christian in my own way. I had the information about Jesus and sin and so on. That wasn't my struggling point. I pieced history, based on facts, with the bible. I pieced christian teaching with good morals. I pieced the history of the world with the history of God: the bible, and everything fit perfectly. I had no doubt in my mind that God was the way. Jesus is the way to God, He is the truth, and He brings eternal life to me and everyone who believes. This is my own way of coming to the point of belief.
Christianity is not an organisational cult. It is personal. Me and God. You and God. It doesn't matter what everyone else says or thinks. In the end it is God.

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Anonymous said...

It is true that much of the media-exposed side of christianity is too structured. I'm thinking of for example the roman catholic church. but christianity is personal. You and God , me and God. even though they have a point, those who say christianity is too structured should not merely point fingers but to investigate christianity for themselves. The bible is there