Wednesday, May 18, 2005

the snowball effect

Again its that time of the year, except this year it is way more crazy and stressful! This term is proabably the make or break term and next term is the stupid qcs(which i hope my school fluke good marks). Anyway, i think i have hit one of those 'snowball effect' times in life... one problem hits you, then the rest come too! First problem that came up was assignments, then came all the exams, competitions, my driving exam (which i passed luckily), queries if i should do UMAT, thoughts about future careers, and other private issues hit me in instantaneous fashion. why does this happen? i guess the only light is that there is someone up there pulling the strings for me, and all i can do is 'know' that i am being taken care of, and the things that happen are all meticulously planned by the big guy up there... i hope i pull through...

a sleep deprived joshi~

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